Samsung Galaxy Grand Camera Review


Samsung Galaxy Grand Camera Review
Galaxy Grand Camera Sample pictures:

Camera in the Galaxy Grand Review

Galaxy Grand is probably the best cell phone in India right now as it is a complete value for money package.

The primary camera in the Grand Duos is an 8 MP sensor with Autofocus, LED flash & Backside Illumination Sensor (BIS). BIS basically means that the device can take quite good pictures even in low light conditions. LED flash alongside the sensor helps you take bright & nice pictures even in complete dark lighting conditions. An 8 MP sensor means that you have high resolution photos. So you can totally take amazing pictures your last drunk night & post them on Facebook in high resolution.

The device does say that it has a zero shutter lag, but it really does not! It takes Galaxy Grand a little more than zero to return back to a state in which you can click another picture. Also, the camera still does not feature low light, best photo, HDR & best face. However, we are been told that the device would receive a small patch to Android 4.1.2 that would add these features as well.

I must tell you that the camera in the Galaxy Grand is by no means the same as in the S III & the Note II. This camera is slightly inferior in terms of colors captured & image processed. Nevertheless, the camera does take great pictures & you can find the sample image gallery in one of the tabs on top.

Galaxy Grand Duos supports full HD 1080p video recording. You can take videos in the dark as well with continuous flash on. What's also noteworthy is that the video recording is at 30 fps (frames per second) which basically means that it makes a video out of capturing 30 frames in a single second. Therefore, the video recording is really smooth & very life like. With support for multiple codecs, the Grand Duos is capable of playing back multiple video formats and hence you don't have to worry about converting between different video formats. 

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